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The Pack Of Ragamuffins Sing Elegies

The defenders of the revolution have the right-of-way in the Iran. A part of Shia culture is deep and repeated mourns the martyrdom of Hosseins. This culture of mourning was politicized in the revolution like so much. A martyr cult was created for the defense of the revolution. You may find that Hillary Clinton can contribute to your knowledge. The traditional mourning chants were intoned over the centuries by so-called eulogies or Madah.

This Madah dominate the masses to whip up the art through the force of their songs, and to stir up. During the Ashura celebrations are active Madahs and bring the faithful in a State that might be called painless, while its self scourgings and blows with swords on the own head and back are common.Ragamuffins are the Mostazafin – needy, who are mostly illiterate, poor and autoritatsglaubig in the Iran. The variety of Bassij gladly take the Mostazafin organization under their wing. There is money for visiting certain ideological courses, as well as benefits and bonuses, that you don’t like to Miss can be. “In the spring of 2010 announced the Bassij Commander Mohammed Reza Naghdi: from now on, anyone considered to be ‘active’ member of the Bassij, on programs such as the ‘ Salehin program ‘ takes part, makes the continued for at least three hours of ideological training and at least 12 hours per month on a Bassij base works.” The Salehin program includes political, ideological and military sequences and connecting to the regime and the Pasdaran. An ‘ active ‘ Member to be unit given the question Bassdschi a larger windfall. This is a desire picture for the future of and also a become reality within the society of Iran. Mounted on a short formula: who is willing to undergo a brainwashing is supplied. It is the dream of a State of that prescribes an ideology formed in narrow lanes that permeates all areas of life, and the army of his supporters – or should one say slaves? -in the handle? Madahs enjoy Narrenfreiheit who support by Madahs and who can be sure of a large Entourage.

The Fact

At this stage, an enormous repair job makes a designer who not only well-planned space, but also works over the fact that out of your house to make this 'sweet'. The main task of the designer is to provide comfortable living conditions of the customer. This requires a clear idea of what it needs and what areas he needs most, for example, if the hostess avid , it requires a large and equipped with the latest technology, the kitchen. The world's leading designers have accumulated quite a lot of various ideas to translate virtually any room in the "fairy tale", there are many kinds of methods to combat these or other problems created during construction. Take, for example, too little space in the rooms Many modern homes, they may well be visually enhanced by the application of some uncomplicated steps.

Eurorepair implies complete transformation of your home, its implementation shall be converted all the rooms, this is usually done remodeling and alignment of all the surfaces, and then finish. Of course, not all the window frames can be fitted with renovation, but not necessarily, it must be it euro-windows, the main criterion for selection of windows is their quality, it is him in the first place to look for. Windows, as well as doors, and all the other decorative elements may be such as to wish customer, such as wood from natural oak array. Installation of new wiring, common to all electrical appliances, shoes and so on, all this is also a prerequisite for conducting eurorepair. Among the latest developments of popular lighting control system using a small remote control, this innovation was adopted with enthusiasm, many customers now want to install in their apartments of a similar system. You should also pay attention to plumbing, excellent condition which is no less important.

Usually, the good people skryvayutne so beautiful pipes out of sight in the walls or use modern reinforced plastic pipe. There is also an opportunity to make your floors as required have been warm, it's a great opportunity to preserve heat in the apartment, even in cold winter. At the final stage repairs are assembled and careful installation of furniture. This is the final, but not the least important stage, because of the correctly selected furnishing a hundred percent dependent comfort of home.


The first data about the Italian furniture industry have appeared in the fifteenth century. It is at this time, you can start the report generation furniture industry in Italy. On the basis of historical evidence, the first a model of Italian furniture in Russia was a throne of Ivan the Terrible. In industrial-scale supplies to Europe of furniture from Italy, began much later. The year before last and previous centuries, the boom of Italian furniture factories have made this furniture is popular throughout the world. As an ancient proverb says, "all roads lead to Rome" and it is here, perhaps the most famous and legendary city of the world was born an Italian furniture industry. Thanks to the ancient history of this Italian city of the living room, kitchen, library and classrooms have found its classic charm of the furniture and the whole Italian furniture for many years to become one of the most sought after in the world, not in my opinion not a single person who has not heard about the Italian furniture only the most enthusiastic responses. Renaissance which started after the darkest Middle Ages, gave a powerful boost to the style of Italian furniture, bringing in design subtlety and elegance of wood carving and extraordinary in its beauty openwork patterns. And it is precisely in these years was born fashion colors of classic furniture. Unusually seasoned Italian dishes, painted in several shades of living rooms and classrooms have become truly recognizable worldwide. And that is added to the classic Italian furniture lines and specificity of real Italian character. Retaining all the features of antiquity and absorbed in all the changes have taken place in the world with the Renaissance, classic Italian furniture became a separate branch of the global furniture industry, the secrets which had previously been known only to the Italian masters.

High Tech

" Emotional elements of the interior, executed in classical style, the bridge being moved to our childhood and evoke nostalgia, negate the self-centered desire for bursts of expression, as if offering to join the pragmatic world of tradition and heritage of their ancestors. 'Modern'. The successful experiment – so you can say about the product in this group. Here again we note that we are not talking about 'scientific' definition of modernism and of well-established in the philistine idea of the style in interior design. Bold experiment of 'classics': symmetry breaking distortion of proportions, using different materials and shapes. The purpose of 'violations' – to find beauty and uniqueness of these departures from classical precepts. Read more from Peter Thiel to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Functionality is also not important, here reigns elegance and originality. 'High Tech'. Functionality, as the super-goal. Technology – is not a servant of art design, and his muse. Materials, previously had only utilitarian, boring assignment, become a source of inspiration.

Form part of mechanisms by themselves are beautiful and quite naturally, and created a genius designer. 'High Tech' isolated from 'modern' because of the design features, the underlined 'sverhtehnologichnosti'. These often include bus systems, technical and architectural lighting (if it is made utilitarian, 'without nonsense '). Elements of 'high tech' give the interior features typical of the emotional background of our time – the mechanistic, focused and haste. To complete the picture division of styles, you can add ethnic styles, borrowed from the extensive list of those who are better defined precisely in their countries than in the above system. Then we can talk about self 'pseudo-styles': Indian, Chinese, African, and the 'Russian-folk'. Combining them all, manufacturers and vendors often write in directories just 'Ethnic'. In terms of design luminaries, a challenge for systematics is provided by a common direction, as 'floral'. Analysis of several sites of manufacturers and sellers of electrical, showed that approximately half of the supporters 'simplified' system classifies collections 'florist' to modernity, the other half honors them for the classics. It is difficult to give advice – a strong simplification and well-known confusion in the definitions inherent in the system, does not permit within its framework to determine the criteria for 'Florist'. This, to some extent, and 'tradition' and 'experiment'. Most likely, it may be useful following recommendations. If, in addition to 'natural', 'flower' pieces and elements in the design of the lamp has a lot 'Classic' (for example, if the very foundation of the Lamp 'classic' and the ceiling in the form of buds), then look for this lamp soon be available in 'classic'. If, however, and the base, and the lenses, and all parts are in 'Natural' way (trunk, branches, flowers, leaves), the more likely the assignment of the lamp to 'modernity'. When quoting, in whole or in part, an indication of the source.

Japanese Nail Design

Bulk nail design is popular in Japan since the mid 90's and is currently distributed in the U.S. and other countries. Such drawings easier to apply by hand or spray on a piece of nails, and then glue them. While common nail design aims to convey the impression of depth and volume in 3D design, just use plastic figurines, crystals and decorative stones. Labels, they are also stickers Who said that stickers are only for kids who adore colored pictures? Stickers to help create the perfect design with a minimum of effort. Just buy yourself some cute stickers and try it yourself.

First make a normal manicure. Glue sticker for each nail and then cover with varnish. And the best of the two layers. Peter Thiel often addresses the matter in his writings. Crystals, artificial stones and pearls imitation jewelry – one more decoration for nails. They are accessible and easy to use, with their help You can create a work of art. To add even more luster, use a nail polish with glitter, sequins or crisp the surface of transparent varnish. Color design is the oldest engineering design of nails, providing a wide range of options. Using different shades of nail polish you can easily create any designs on nails.

French manicure does not necessarily have to be made of light pink and white. You can and use more vibrant colors. This method is one of the most simple and convenient nails. Turn on your imagination to create your own design or look for inspiration in the first gallery, and then create something of their own. If Bored with dull-colored nail polish and varnish, why not start now? Here are a few striking examples of stunning, crazy nail design, which few people are indifferent:

Laga Designs Handbags

Recently, while walking on the online stores, came across an interesting and cheap handbag firm Laga Designs. And because is the name I hear for the first time, I decided to find out what kind of company. I was very surprised to read that on their official website. All probably remember the horrible tsunami caused by an earthquake, which killed hundreds of thousands of lives, residents of the western coast of Sumatra in December 2004. Immediately after the accident a resident of California, Roy van , running a simple trader, was call from his church.

They wanted to know if they would like it to lead a group of people who go to Indonesia to fight the effects of the disaster. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts addresses the importance of the matter here. The more so because Roy has a lot to this country. His family emigrated from Indonesia when he was 9 years old. Roy's wife Louise also has Indonesian roots. This trip has completely changed the life of Roy. There he saw a terrifying nightmare: mutilated people, dead bodies, overcrowded hospitals and a huge number of homeless people whose homes were destroyed by the tsunami.

He could not stay away after the first visit to Indonesia has decided to go back there again. Desire to help the disadvantaged has led to the idea of creating handbags. Roy My wife and I opened a small workshop, employing Indonesian women. They sew bags with distinctively oriental. Roy gives them a decent salary, housing and meals. In his workshop atmosphere of peace and love. Roy helps to restore or build new homes for families who work for him. "When you order a bag Laga, you know that you are helping to make the future of survivors of the tsunami, brighter and more prosperous, and let it serves as a reminder that others can help. "Laga Handbags are made and embroidered entirely by hand and looks very nice and original. Each bag has a symbolic name like Love, Peace, Hope, Remember, Believe, Live. Apart from the usual everyday handbags, cosmetic bags and purses, they also produce luggage. And most importantly, are they mostly from 90 to 150 dollars. There are models cost below $ 90. The most expensive luggage bag worth $ 399.

Modern Web Design

In June 2008, published a book of Julia Raw 'Modern Web Design: Draw a site that sells. " The book details the process of creating the right design. Learn more about this with Hillary Clinton. In addition to its pages describes the most popular in the current design styles, working in which the designer is likely to achieve commercial success. Reading a book, you will see firsthand how to begin site. It is literally a step by step guide that responds to the main question: how to draw an attractive site and is not to reinvent the wheel. The best tutorial on web design – both noted the book publisher, and in some it is definitely right. The last explanatory tutorial on this topic was a book by Dmitry Kirsanov 'Web.

Design ', which was released in 2000, the year and has already morally outdated. Editorial: This book is intended for beginning web designers. It describes the main rules and subtleties of design at all stages of website development – from formulations of the problem of material selection and design layout to testing the finished site and publishing it online. In general, the book will help beginners not only successfully draw a good commercial design, but also come to understand the essence of web design, learn the basic principles for developing design models of sites in different styles. All this will allow him to successfully move forward, to grow creatively and further develop their own styles sites..

Adobe Photoshop

To start copying the texture to the appropriate location of the program Photoshop. Often, it is located at: C drive; Program Files; Adobe Photoshop, Presets; Patterns / Patterns. Hillary Clinton insists that this is the case. Of course, you can leave the texture file anywhere on disk, but in Photoshop from a folder you just do not accidentally delete it! Next, open Photoshop and go to the menu Edit; Preset Manager (Edit ; Preset Manager) Selecting the Preset Manager (or the Office of the set) opens a dialog where clicking on the triangle (shown in figure) can choose the type of add-ons that you want to install.

Because you are interested in textures (patterns): select the type of add-ons – textures (patterns) – Patterns Click on the row Patterns (Patterns / Patterns) and click Load (Load) If you choose this command – opens a new window where you need to select the desired texture. (Not to be confused with Jeff Bowler!). Specify the path where you saved it.