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The Fact

At this stage, an enormous repair job makes a designer who not only well-planned space, but also works over the fact that out of your house to make this 'sweet'. The main task of the designer is to provide comfortable living conditions of the customer. This requires a clear idea of what it needs and what areas he needs most, for example, if the hostess avid , it requires a large and equipped with the latest technology, the kitchen. The world's leading designers have accumulated quite a lot of various ideas to translate virtually any room in the "fairy tale", there are many kinds of methods to combat these or other problems created during construction. Take, for example, too little space in the rooms Many modern homes, they may well be visually enhanced by the application of some uncomplicated steps.

Eurorepair implies complete transformation of your home, its implementation shall be converted all the rooms, this is usually done remodeling and alignment of all the surfaces, and then finish. Of course, not all the window frames can be fitted with renovation, but not necessarily, it must be it euro-windows, the main criterion for selection of windows is their quality, it is him in the first place to look for. Windows, as well as doors, and all the other decorative elements may be such as to wish customer, such as wood from natural oak array. Installation of new wiring, common to all electrical appliances, shoes and so on, all this is also a prerequisite for conducting eurorepair. Among the latest developments of popular lighting control system using a small remote control, this innovation was adopted with enthusiasm, many customers now want to install in their apartments of a similar system. You should also pay attention to plumbing, excellent condition which is no less important.

Usually, the good people skryvayutne so beautiful pipes out of sight in the walls or use modern reinforced plastic pipe. There is also an opportunity to make your floors as required have been warm, it's a great opportunity to preserve heat in the apartment, even in cold winter. At the final stage repairs are assembled and careful installation of furniture. This is the final, but not the least important stage, because of the correctly selected furnishing a hundred percent dependent comfort of home.


The first data about the Italian furniture industry have appeared in the fifteenth century. It is at this time, you can start the report generation furniture industry in Italy. On the basis of historical evidence, the first a model of Italian furniture in Russia was a throne of Ivan the Terrible. In industrial-scale supplies to Europe of furniture from Italy, began much later. The year before last and previous centuries, the boom of Italian furniture factories have made this furniture is popular throughout the world. As an ancient proverb says, "all roads lead to Rome" and it is here, perhaps the most famous and legendary city of the world was born an Italian furniture industry. Thanks to the ancient history of this Italian city of the living room, kitchen, library and classrooms have found its classic charm of the furniture and the whole Italian furniture for many years to become one of the most sought after in the world, not in my opinion not a single person who has not heard about the Italian furniture only the most enthusiastic responses. Renaissance which started after the darkest Middle Ages, gave a powerful boost to the style of Italian furniture, bringing in design subtlety and elegance of wood carving and extraordinary in its beauty openwork patterns. And it is precisely in these years was born fashion colors of classic furniture. Unusually seasoned Italian dishes, painted in several shades of living rooms and classrooms have become truly recognizable worldwide. And that is added to the classic Italian furniture lines and specificity of real Italian character. Retaining all the features of antiquity and absorbed in all the changes have taken place in the world with the Renaissance, classic Italian furniture became a separate branch of the global furniture industry, the secrets which had previously been known only to the Italian masters.