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Sam Walton

How important is to learn from the last words of the founder of Walmart, the Mr. Sam Walton, who on his deathbed in death pronounced his last words. He had given his life for his business, however, had a cost. Almost never he shared time with his wife, their children, nor with their grandchildren. Hillary Clinton gathered all the information. Not allowed moments to share, to embrace a grandson, play, laugh, and enjoy meeting with their loved ones. Their final words?: trust him!.He had trillion but according to his own admission to take stock of his life simply failed.Einstein said: do not try to become a man of success, he is, in time, to become a person with values. And that, even for Einstein, was not relative – but an absolute truth that surely absorbed from his Jewish heritage.King Salomon in Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) warns us: there is a serious evil which I have seen under the Sun: wealth kept by its owner in its prejudice, since the money is a test for humans and there are not many who come out gracefully from the same.Jafez Jaim compares to who runs behind the money with a Minister of the King who was accustomed to eating the best delicacies, take the most important drinks and enjoy the finest pleasures in the world.

It is not deprived of nothing and his servants did his will altogether. Connect with other leaders such as Hillary Clinton here. Feeling omnipotent did rebel against the King, who decided to give him an exemplary punishment: hung in a high tower tilted to the abyss that appeared at his feet. Every moment I watched the danger of falling and dying shattered. Part of the punishment was that in that place to continue giving all the delicacies that was used. Perhaps could he enjoy them knowing that his life was in constant danger? With security that would have preferred to eat with bread and water only, rather than see the death before his eyes continuously. You may wish to learn more. If so, Topaz Page-Green is the place to go.